Welcome to Munchkin Lane!

Hi, I'm Beca Miller – a mom of five young kids, a former first grade teacher, and the founder of Munchkin Lane. 

I’ve been passionate about learning all of my life and love teaching. I created Munchkin Lane to give young kids customized educational activities that are fun to do while it teaches them the foundations of learning. 

I combined my experiences as a teacher and a mom to create Munchkin Lane. The goal was to provide kids with customized learning experiences that are based on research and proven teaching methods. Our activities keep their hands and minds busy, all while helping build their learning skills. 

A Resource for Parents

I also wanted Munchkin Lane to be a resource for parents. Many of us are so busy and overwhelmed with day-to-day life, we don’t have time to learn how to use educational resources for our kids. So I designed Munchkin Lane’s activities to teach kids as they’re doing it, without needing a lot of instruction from Mom and Dad.

Whether you’re homeschooling, supplementing schoolwork, or giving the kids something to do that doesn’t involve a video screen, Munchkin Lane can help. We know every child is different and welcome specific requests. 

We love what we do at Munchkin Lane. Thank you for the opportunity to help your kids on their learning journeys.

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